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Aegean to Santorini, Greece

Arrived at Santorini and the place is pretty spectacular.



The ferry had been very inefficient and chaotic in loading and unloaded at each port. But at Santorini, and the stop just before it, the wind was up and the sea was very rough. Then we saw how impressively quick loading and unloading can be, while the ferry bucked like a wild horse.

At Santorini the ramp actually rose away from the dock about 2 metres during the transfer process. Although we had gotten safely off by then.

Have booked into a hotel for the night. Again, no passport or ID checking. And I don't think he even bothered with our names.

The colours of the buildings around make me wish I hadn't chosen the colours for my bedroom yet. They would seem like odd choices but blend together extremely well throughout the town.

A few other tourists are around, though this is definitely still the low season.

Had a fantastic dinner at a place that did a good fried squid and a yoghurt with honey for dessert.

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From Rhodes

Rhodes to Aegean, Greece

Spent most of the day at the Palace of the Grand Masters. The Grand Masters being the commanders of the entire Knights of St. John Order.


And the inner courtyard.


It had some beautiful rooms and mosaics. Sadly a lot of the mosaics were ripped from the island we had come from, Kos, though.

We walked around after that. Eating at a place that made some good mixed dips plate.

We boarded the ferry for Santorini at the start of the evening. It should end at Santorini at midday of tomorrow.

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To Rhodes

Kos to Rhodes, Greece

Took the ferry to Rhodes at 5:30am. It only took about four hours.

Passed a beautiful port city on the island of Symi. Really picturesque.


This is the only photo where the colours pop out a little, but in reality they were much more vibrant.

Rhodes has fantastic buildings. The main architectures span multiple eras, including Byzantine, when it was under the Knights of St John and when it was under the Ottomans. We walked all around the area called Old Town near the port.


Everything shuts at 2:30pm. But tomorrow the ferry out is at 5:00pm to 5:30pm, so we should have a full day still as far as the open times are concerned.

Like the last hotel, we were the only two occupants due to it being the low season. Though, unlike the last hotel, they didn't ask for our passports. So I'm guessing officially we didn't stay there. Especially as far as the tax man is concerned.

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Kos Sights

Kos, Greece

Today the sights were open so we went around and saw them.

First was the fortress overseeing the Kos harbour built by the Knights of St. John. It was really impressive by itself. But also interesting to look around it, seeing the various defences and guessing at the purpose of the various things.

It is also impressive to see it knowing this isn't a fortification built by a government but funded and organised by a separate organisation. Not sure how much they were funded and supported by an actual government, either a lot or possibly not at all, but the organisation is still impressive.

Then we took the bus to the nearby ruins of a temple and healing complex called Asklepieion. This island is the birthplace of Hippocrates. I forgot to mention yesterday that we saw the tree that Hippocrates lectured under. It is a huge plane tree. Plane trees are supposed to live only two hundred years but this one is still alive. I'm guessing they die crushed by their own weight since this one has all of its branches supported by scaffolding.

Asklepieion was pretty good. It took a bus ride to get to it so was snuggled away from most civilisation. It was very beautiful.

This island has had groups of one to three cats all over the place. Like it is an island that likes cats, although they all seem gunshy. On exiting and waiting for the bus, I saw a cat on a wheelie bin. This is the first one that let me pat it instead of looking alarmed and suspicious and running away. It started meowing and within a few minutes the car park filled with cats like something in The Birds... only with cats.

Again ate too much through today. Two gyros pitas for lunch after getting back from Asklepieion, though had a smallish dinner. But have been eating peanuts from a market through the evening.

Have to get up and get to the dock by 5:30am to catch the ferry to Rhodes. So hopefully we manage that and I don't stay up too late tonight.

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Around Kos

Kos, Greece

Everything is shut on a monday, so we generally walked around the town of Kos, extending our stay a day to have a full day tomorrow. Ate way too much.

Started with the hotel breakfast. Which has bread with homemade jams, greek yogurt with honey and omelette with feta cheese in the middle. All three were awesome.

Then we walked around the city. Looking at where everything we need to see tomorrow is, laundry, castle, etc.

We stopped for a late lunch at a gyros place. It was sooooo good I ordered a second. They aren't as big as at home but it was still a little too much.

We stopped at a small market. I picked up some sweets for later tonight that looked so good. Included was some Greek delights that taste pretty good (Greek delights isn't what we call them, but we don't use the 'T' word around here).

Stole a mandarine from a park/ruins during the walk as well. Although it looked like people have been generally helping themselves. The tree further from the road was untouched, and hte one I picked from was almost bare on the side facing the road and full on the opposite side.

Didn't have a big tea, but it wasn't small either.

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