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Second Tour

Berlin, Germany

Today I did a second tour out of the hostel. The first one was a tour of the common places, but this one was with a different guide that will go out further and show some of the sites further out.

First we went to the Olympic Stadium, going to the top of the tower.


Learning about the scale and construction of the stadium, and the history of how it was used.

Then we went to a WWII Commonwealth Soldier Cemetary.


Then went down to a suburb called Spandau. This is a picture of the citadel the suburb is built around.


The entire suburb has old, historic buildings. The guide pointed out that if we saw a picture of what we were seeing at several points, you would never guess we were in Berlin. Except for the cars. Otherwise it looks like a rural town. I didn't get a good picture as an example unfortunately, I'd just been taking photos of individual buildings.

After getting a dinner of a souvlaki with sausage as the meat, which I'd been introduced to before by a Berliner when going out with the dorm guys one night, I meetup with a guy I was told to meetup with by Darren T in a pub. Afterwards we went to a club that has outdone any club I've been to in Berlin in strangeness, which is saying something. It was a pretty good night, though I broke my discipline of leaving a night out at a "reasonable" time.

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Places of Terror

Berlin, Germany

Not a full day today as I had laundry. I visited a place called Topography of Terror. It is situated on the spot where most of the SS and Gestapo headquarter buildings were. The area is now vacant but for a single museum.

It was okay, but had stuff I've been told or could look up without going to Berlin.

Before that though I did go to a Stasi (special police force for Soviet East Germany) exhibition. Thought it was the museum converted from the old Stasi headquarters, but I need to travel further out for that. This was pretty good though. It had examples of actual memos written by agents. Only two of them had been translated in English though, which was disappointing since both that had translations were really interesting and scary.

Afterwards I went pre-drinking with the guys at the dorm, but stayed in the hostel pub a bit longer when they went out. So even though I did start drinking, I got an early night.

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Museums and a Night Out

Berlin, Germany

Ended up leaving the pub crawl at a late time, but not too late. Two people from the day tour left and I went with them. Which was really good since I wouldn't have thought of leaving on my own, since it was fun, and them leaving reminded me I should have left at that time as well.

So I went to museum island as planned. I went to the Old Museum and the New Museum. The tour guide did remark on the straight forward thinking of Germans when he told us the names.

The third place I went to, the Deutsch History Museum, did have original stuff since German history and artefacts haven't been well represented in any international displays, even in the Louvre.

Getting back to the hostel, I had a complete dorm of new guys. So I ended up playing the drinking game Ring of Fire, similar to at home but with different rules. One rule in particular was really harsh and I am really thankful I didn't get the one card that the rule applied to. It wasn't the queen of spades, but it might as well have been. It got down to a third chance of getting it before someone else picked it up. Whew.

One of their friends, who is a Berliner, was over so we went to a club he knew about afterwards. So once again I found myself in the middle of the suburbs at three in the morning to work out how to get back to the hostel. Though this time it was from West Berlin, which got me worried at first since it meant no trams, but that actually meant the taxis that have been missing before were in abundance.

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Day Trip

Berlin, Germany

Got an early night and plenty of sleep this time.

I went on a day walk tour from the hostel. The guide was very good. We went around the main sites of Berlin, from Parliament to Checkpoint Charlie. I had a bratwurst hotdog for lunch.

Afterwards for dinner I got a burger from a joint recommended by the hostel's wiki, but it was average but not bad.

Going on a pub crawl tour with some of the people on the day tour. Hopefully it won't go as late as the night out on the first night. But if it does I know the area a lot better and can leave early.

Hopefully I do get sleep this time since I'll be going to "museum island" tomorrow. You can get a day card for the museums there, so will want a full day to get the most out of buying the card.

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Berlin, Germany

This was kinda a wasted day in order to recover from last night since I got back in this morning and slept until afternoon.

I did use this day to get some laundry out of the way.

Other than that I've just gotten dinner before writing this. I went to a place recommended by the guys around here. It was a pub that served German food and was really nice. I shouldn't have had dessert, but I ordered an apple strudel and now I am stuffed.

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