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Liechtenstein Museum

Vienna, Austria

I spent this morning looking for breakfast and a jacket. Got both.

Then went to see the Liechtenstein Museum. Liechtenstein is a wealthy, very old family and the museum was setup to show their art collection gathered over the centuries. I did this as default for something to do before I figure out what I want to see tomorrow, but it ended up a little different from most museums since it is a collection of stuff other people have found interesting instead of just raw art.

I got told I couldn't have photos, which is a shame since a lot of the stuff (there was furniture and other stuff as well as paintings) is really pretty. I'd taken two photos before they told me I couldn't at least.

After that I went back to the hotel with just enough time to visit another museum before calling it a day. Unfortunately I made the mistake of laying on the bed a moment before heading out. By the time I woke up it was to late to do anything.

For dinner I went to an underground restaurant that served a pretty good schnitzel. Used the jacket for the first time when going out for dinner and it is really warm.

Tomorrow, I'll try to get up early enough to do a day tour, although it is a little expensive. And early. I'll see how I go.

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Prague, Czech Republic to Vienna, Austria

Spent the bulk of the day travelling from Prague to Vienna. Then, once the hotel was found, finding a place to eat. Then finding the hotel for the second time of course.

So not much has happened. I might be able to find a day tour tomorrow. Though I did find a place I could buy a jacket, though it was closed by the time I was looking for dinner. Maybe I could do it after the tour if I do find out about a tour.

Had a standard kebab for dinner since I just wanted food. Again not much happening today. But I'm here in Austria at least.

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Czech Roundup

Prague, Czech Republic

I spent the morning at the post office trying to find out how to send an international parcel. But now my luggage should be easier to pack, especially without the books I'd finished and other dead weight. Then I went around the city center trying to see the rest of the things to see that don't need a day to see them.

I went for brunch to the Old Town Square to try the food from the various vendors, which were all beautiful. The smells they emit are fantastic but I'd always been part of a guided tour when passing them before so wasn't able to try them until today.

Then I went down to the Dancing Building.


I did the standard tourist thing of taking a photograph with my finger in the view as if I'm pushing it into that shape.

I then went back to the town center to check out the Museum of Cubism. Then went north to check out the Metronome, which is a huge metronome on top of a hill, visible from parts of the city where a building isn't obstructing it.

Afterwards, since I was not on the other side of the river anyway, I followed the river westward so that I could return to the city center over the Charles Bridge, since apparently you haven't really visited Czech unless you have crossed the bridge.


I then returned to the town center as I'd meant to take photographs of the inside of the post office but forgot in my elation at finishing my task. So I returned to it but a guy stopped me photographing.

I returned to the hotel to drop of the bag and headed back out to the monastery brewery I'd gone to last night. And again the food was good.

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Prague, Czech Republic


Today I slept in to try to shake the cold. It is getting better as I had the sniffles but my nose didn't run for most of the day. I had a cough though.

It is getting really cold, but I didn't find a place to buy a proper jacket today. So I just had the thin jacket from home. I had the idea of just keeping an eye out for a shop while walking around but I may need to actually look up where to buy it.

I went to a place recommended as having good omelets and coffee in the morning, and they were both good.

Then I went to the Astrological Clock to see its on-the-hour animation. I got there early so went for a walk around the block, seeing a good chess set board in a shop window. When I got back to the clock there was still some time left before the hour was up. So, despite the cold, I actually had an icecream.

Afterwards I went to the Museum of Communism since it was recommended. It had some interesting stuff, but also had a personal undertone to it. There was a history of Czech communism then information on the various aspects of communism. All of it seemed ot have the point of view of someone who has had Communism forced upon them.

It seemed, even with the late morning, that it was being a productive day. But the reason I'd mentioned the chess set is that I went back for it. Then had to go back to the hostel since it was too big to carry around in my bag. The reason I got it was it looked good, and I looked at the price, which was high but reasonable. Then as I was walking away I realised the price would be in crowns not dollars, making it surprisingly cheap.

So after offloading at the hostel it was reasonably early but approaching the closing times of everything. So I went to dinner at a place we saw on the tour. It was a monastery that is also a brewery. It also has a restaurant attached to it that sells their beers with the food. I don't like beer but thought I'd try a Czech beer. Though it wasn't much different to me from other beers. The food was fantastic though.

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Kutná Hora

Prague, Czech Republic

Today, even though most of my clothes were in various states of dampness depending on their distance from the radiator, the two pieces I needed were absolutely bone dry. So I went on the day trip to the town of Kutná Hora.

There was 1 less person needed to do the guided tour, so the guy just showed us how to get there and back (the town is one hour away by rail). There was four other people wanting to do the tour, who were all people that did the day tour yesterday. We decided to go together.

Kutná Hora is a town/city with a lot of grand churches. I had become prosperous due to the discovery of silver deposits. But the main tourist attraction is the Ossuary, or Bone Chapel.


It is a chapel in a graveyard decorated with the bones of the deceased. The idea is to remind people of the number of people, both dead as well as alive, that are facing god. With that in mind, each of the six bone mounds does actually hit this home.


After that we went into town and checked out one of the churches, which, even though it was just a church, was done with the scale and design of a monastery. Flying buttresses and all.

Afterwards, since by this time it was afternoon and we hadn't eaten, we went to the restaurant recommended by the guide. The atmosphere and food was great. It was a warm place heated by a cosy fire, and today was a really cold day so that probably helped skew my opinion. We ended up staying for dessert after the meal.

Then, with time gone, we went home. Being a group helped avoid some of the big mistakes we could have made.

I'd been running out of tissues but luckily found a place on the way home where I brought a carton of 10 packs of travel tissues, so I should be fine now. Which I was glad since it was getting really cold. Regardless of whether there is a trip or not tomorrow, I think I might need to stay in the city. I might try to get a proper jacket, but at the very least should see if I can nurse this cold to get better.

Overall I'm really glad I didn't stay in a dorm, and haven't gone out drinking, after going to Czech with this cold. Though I did have a nice eggnog at the restaurant.

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