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Mount Rigi

Zürich, Switzerland

For today we went on a day trip to Mount Rigi.

After a long bus ride we took a rail car up the mountain. It took us to a station were we needed to transfer to a cog-wheel car up to the summit. Instead we decided to hike the rest of the way to the top. The hike was officially just over an hour, but we had rest stops during the way.

We didn't realise how much the thin air at such an altitude can affect you. I got puffed out as soon as we hit the first incline. Which I knew was too soon to be from being unfit as I'd walked up inclines fine in Prague.

We finally got to the top and the views were spectacular. We also got to see a couple of gliders take off from the top. The gliders they used looked more like parachutes.

The mist below looked like a sea, with hills coming through it as islands. It was freezing below and we thought it was going to be worse up but I actually only had a shirt and jeans on, carrying my jacket as we went. Even though we were higher, the sun was out and the freezing cold from before was due to the sunlight being blocked by the mist.

This is my best picture of the landscape with the mist and a picture of the mountain-side in general.



We took a cog-wheel car down, then a boat ride, then a bus ride to get back to Zürich. No hiking after getting to the top.

Afterwards we went to a good restaurant nearby and I had a good Cordon Bleu with Rösti (hashbrowns).

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Zürich Museum

Zürich, Switzerland

Spent the morning doing laundry. Then with the time left in the day, had to do some moving to another hotel, I went with dad to the Zürich museum. It was pretty good. Almost all of it was Swiss specific so it had stuff I hadn't seen.

For dinner we went to a really busy place. We shared a four seater table with two other people and still had a time limit before we had to finish for guests with reservation. Fortunately we had enough time for dinner and dessert. The place had a really nice atmosphere.

One thing about Switzerland is that it is really EXPENSIVE. Laundry was the most expensive I've had by several degrees. And ost stuff is really expensive.

Tomorrow we'll be doing one of the day trips to a nearby mountain.

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Vienna, Austria to Zürich, Switzerland

Spent most of the day on an eight hour train trip to get from Vienna to Zürich.

Though the scenery was really nice. Spent the initial couple of hours trying to sleep, then the next two hours reading and occupying myself with the handheld Nintendo and laptop. But as the train started moving though mountainous terrain, I spent a lot of the time looking out the window. Though I still tried to get sleep or used the laptop at parts.

I even moved through snowy areas. The there were some beautiful lakes and streams. Some crystal clear, with the sunlight reflecting off the top looking almost surreal due to the inability to see the surface of the water otherwise. Some lakes were a strange colour of blue and green. All of them looked really cold as well as inviting.

A lot of the rest of the landscape looked picturesque, from the rocky hills to the buildings covered in snow.

Had tea at a restaurant close to the hotel and it was really nice. A pasta dish with apple crumble for dessert.

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Dinosaurs and Paintings

Vienna, Austria

I went to the Natural History Museum. Spent much more time in there than I thought I would as it was pretty interesting.

Afterwards I went to a Leopold Museum since it was in the list of three museums to see in the hotel brochure. It was pretty good to see modern art after all the classical art I'd seen. Some of it was pretty and some of it was evocative. Not all of it but it was good overall.

After that it was dark so I went for dinner an at the cosy, underground pub I'd gone to on my second night. (And the spell checker doesn't know that "cosy" is a word).

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Bus Trip

Vienna, Austria

Got up early for a day tour out of the hotel. I thought it was expensive but thought it might be a good way to introduce the city.

It ended up being a bus tour, which kinda sucked. Thought the last half of it was a walk through a palace at least.

Afterwards I went out to see if I could see another museum, palace or church before they closed. I was going to a palace when I passed a Museum of Natural History, which is supposed to be good. I passed it knowing I could go back the next day. Ended up getting lost without finding the palace. Then when I went back to the museum I passed but wasn't able to back track properly.

I ended up just randomly walking through the streets, as I was in an area where a lot of the stuff is packed together anyway. Basically having my own walking tour. I passed several impressive buildings, including a cathedral.

For tea I went to a place famous for doing a good schnitzel. It was really good. I thought it was weird when it came out plain, though with a side dish of salad, without any adornment. But the taste and texture was more than good enough by itself.

Not much else has happened. I was going to take a cruise down the Danube tomorrow, but something on the internet warned that it was bad. The day cruises of the Danube at least since there isn't mush to see.

If I'd have known, I'd have taken a cruise from Czech to Vienna, but didn't know they were linked via cruises until looking at cruises here.

So tomorrow I might just tour as many places that I now know of before taking a stroll down the side of the Danube when the day is almost over.

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