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Walking Tour

Florence, Italy

Today we went on a three-part, all-day tour. With a really good tour guide too.

It started with a tour of the Academia, a museum that contains several pieces, but chief among them are some of Michelangelo's sculptures. And chief among them is the David. It was pretty amazing, both David and the rest of the works.

We then went on a walking tour around the city. To the Duomo, down the medieval quarter, to the Uffizi (offices). Normally the tour doesn't include the Duomo because of the long line. But since it is the off season, we were able to walk right in without waiting.


We still need to give the Duomo another day to walk up to the top of the dome.

The last part of the tour was through the gallery at the top of the Uffizi (the photo doesn't show the size or shape of the Uffizi building properly).


There was a gallery of different Renaissance paintings, namely by Botticelli, Leonardo and Raphael. We had a good tour through the main works. Then when it ended we doubled back to have a more thorough look at them.

We went to a restaurant around the corner that served absolutely delicious food.

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Venice to Florence, Italy

Did a small hop from Venice to Florence by train. Spent rest of day checking out the town before we will take a guided tour tomorrow.

We went down to the Piazza Republica to check where to meet for the tour before heading north to the Florence Cathedral.


Since it was late, we saved going in for later, though we did climb Giotto's Bell Tower next to it to see the view of the city.



Aftwerwards we went for tea at a restaurant near the hotel, which was very good.

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San Giorgio and a long walk

Venice, Italy

Today we walked down the center of Venice to the southern bank, looking at the shops on the way.Then took a canal bus to San Giorgio island and church.

The church had a art exhibition where there was steam being pumped in, or generated in the middle of, the church. An exhaust was on top sucking up the air, and fans were around it angled in such a way that they created a small whirlwind. The exhibit was pretty good.

As good as it was, it was strange that an art piece was allowed in a place too sacred to take photos. Although everybody in there was taking photos.

We went up to the bell tower and the view of Venice was spectacular from up there. We were there until just after 12:00, so we got to see just how loud the bells are in a bell tower. And I can tell you, REALLY LOUD.


After that we walked down the neighbouring island. Then crossed the canal again to walk back to the hotel in an arc that took us through an area of the city we hadn't seen.

On the walk back we had lunch at a place with really good food. I'd mixed up cuttlefish with a name of an actual type of fish so ordered Cuttlefish Spaghetti, thinking it was standard fish.


But I'd seen cuttlefish cooked in its own ink on TV before and wanted to try it, I just didn't know it would be that soon. But the meal was delicious. Not sure if cuttlefish was generally that good or whether it was the cooking, but it was like calamari that is cooked to perfection. And the taste was beautiful but impossible to describe.

Afterwards we did laundry and had dinner at the same place as last night. I had fried calamari and it was really good as well. Had an icecream for dessert with a scoop of snickers and a scoop of smurf icecream. Again, don't ask me what smurf icecream tastes like because I couldn't tell you. Though it was good.

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Saint Mark's Cathedral and a boat trip

Venice, Italy

Today we took the canal bus down to the Piazza San Marco. The cathedral called Basilica Di San Marco (Saint Mark's Cathedral) on the piazza was a really impressive building on the outside. It had intricate, individual decorations all around the building. So we went inside, which was free, and inside was awe inspiring. The cathedral was magnificent altogether.

Afterwards we walked down and found a tour of the islands Murano, Torcello and Burano. Murano was an island with some workshops creating Venetian glass products. We saw a demonstration of a person creating a glass vase by glass blowing. Then he created a glass horse, which was amazing to watch.

They lead us through the shop afterwards of course. The wine glasses were impressive. The guy showing us them slammed them together and the noise was loud and impressive. They also reflected the light in a really pretty way.

The other islands were pretty good to see, but nothing as noteworthy. Saw some churches on Torchello that was the first island inhabited by the Venetians. We went to the other island Burano, which had houses with all different yet bright colours.

There was also a lacework demonstration on Burano. But watching an old lady do needlework wasn't quite impressive after seeing the glass workshop.

Afterwards we went to a great restaurant with a good meal and had a really good gelati for dessert.

Took some pictures, but the hotel doesn't have wifi and I forgot to process the ones to add to this post before writing this on the hotel terminal, so can't post any.

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Zürich, Switzerland to Venice, Italy

Took the train ride from Zürich to Venice, which took most of the day.

The view out of the window was really good for the leg from Zürich to Milano. Though there was a fog, then it got dark on the leg from Milano to Venice. I slept between the part where it was foggy and when it was dark so I might have missed something.

Afterwards we had a walk of the area around the hotel and went to a pizza place. I had a calzone, which was pretty good. Had a Kitkat icecream for dessert from an icecream place.

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