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Athens to Kos, Greece

Tried to get to Santorini, could only get a 7pm ferry to an island called Kos right next to Turkey. We were going to go to an island before it but changed the destination on the ferry since it would be better landing somewhere at 8 am instead of 3 am. As it was we could only check into a hotel at 11 am.

Starting off I had the decision to make of either staying up until landing or trying to get sleep. Since were were going to land at 3 am, I decided to take a constant, heavy stream of coffee and "ride the lightning" to the arrival time.

The trip was pretty good but I was absolutely buggered. Though scarily I didn't actually feel tired anymore at 11 am when we were being shown around the hotel before being left to be able to sleep.

We are the only two people in the hotel, it being in the off-season.

Slept a couple of hours and had enough energy to look around the town. I woke at 2 pm, which wasn't enough time to shower and quickly see the local market that closes at 2:30 pm.

There is an ancient agora in the town. There was an ancient agora in Athens but we didn't see it. Though a book we got at the Acropolis suggested the one in Athens was almost gone. This one was pretty good as you could still see the floor plan of the area via the ruins and a few structures were still roughly standing.

There is also a castle that we can go in tomorrow. The castle sitting next to the dock and facing Turkey.

Had tea at a good place that did cheese saganaki and a good Gyros Pita.

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Caught Redhanded

Athens, Greece

Nothing happened today, and no exciting reason why. Laundry and trying to use Athens parcel post. Sounds like it shouldn't take all day but it did.

Had tea at a place where two people in the outside-but-undercover area of the restaurant started rough-housing in such a way that I wondered whether it was a fight. All of a sudden there was yelling of the staff o the restaurant as they ran out.

One of the men in the struggle was a thief, who as well as being recognised by a staff member, was caught trying to steal from another customer. They managed to detain him while they called the cops.

There was a live band playing in the middle of the square with lit up trees around. There was a crowd with people with huge bunches of balloons they were trying to sell.

Tomorrow we will try to get to one of the islands. Thira hopefully. I've given a warning about not having internet after transit before, when I did have access at the place I arrived. But since I'm now going to a small island I'll give it again so if I don't post again it will probably be because I'll be in an internet blackout.

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Athens, Greece

We went to the Acropolis today. Resisted temptation to call this post Acropolis Now.

Saw the Parthenon, which was disappointing at first only because of the damage done to it over time (burned, defaced by various religions, blown up then raped and pillaged by archaeologists). But there was a New Acropolis Museum, which did an extremely good job of allowing you to appreciate the building.


So overall it was really good. And most of the day was spent between the two. The photo is cropped badly to cut out the tourists. And I don't have photoshop, and wouldn't know how to use it, so I can't remove the crane and scaffolding.

One thing I forgot to put in the blog was that, on the way to where we are staying, we went through the suburb of Ammonia, which isn't the best introduction to the city. As well as being generally run down, there was a demonstration moving through. One of many that have been happening.

We didn't see the demonstration, just the SWAT-style vans with riot police loitering around. One I saw with a sub-machine gun. There have apparently been firebombs with the demonstrations, which haven't hurt anybody yet, but show how unruly the demonstrations have been.

The area we are staying we haven't seen any of this trouble, but apparently it can come pretty close.

But I'm saying this since tonight we saw a garbage truck driving along. AND IT PICKED UP GARBAGE. So we think the garbage strike may have ended. Though I pointed out it my have been a scab crossing the picket line instead. But maybe things might be getting better.

But for now, the area around the hotel and the Acropolis have been peaceful and almost resembling the Greece I've seen in the Peloponnese.

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Nafplio to Athens, Greece

For the hotel breakfast they served us a greek yogurt with honey that we could've had yesterday if we knew to ask. It was absolutely beautiful. Amazingly thick and tasty.

Traveled by bus to Athens today. Have booked into a hotel near the Acropolis so it should be a short work tomorrow.

Had another baklava after landing in Athens. It was a chocolate one, which I thought would make it less sweet, but it may as well have been an normal one as I couldn't taste the chocolate. The honey must have been really overpowering it. But this was smaller and was served with a beautiful, homemade cream. Which diluted the richness of the baklava. A little.

Walked around the local area and had a nice souvlaki/gyros pita, which was made really well. Other places so far have had it more as a fast food, with chips instead of the salad. But this place did do it a little better, with no chips in the actual wrap.

Not much else has happened, but should have more tomorrow when we go upto the Acropolis and down into the Acropolis Museum and possibly the local flea market.

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Archeological Museum

Nafplio, Greece

Spent today trying to find out how to do a day trip to another Peloponnesian city. Wasn't able to book two tickets at once and the machine kept saying the buses were full. Booked the tickets to Athens later in the day, having found out you just ignore it when it says the bus is full and book tickets separately instead of together. I think the 'full' label was a translation error and there was some other UI glitchyness.

Spent the day in Nafplio instead, looking around the city. Today was overcast and really windy, so if I couldn't go to the island fortress yesterday, today was definitely off limits. The city if very empty right now. It is mostly a tourist spot for Greeks, international tourists going to Athens and the islands instead. So a lot of the tourists are gone during the working week.

Had a Bakalava for lunch, which is sooo much more sugary than I thought they were, and the portion was big. But although it was almost too rich, even for my sweet tooth, it was very delicious.

Went to the Archeological Museum, which was small but had good exhibits of stuff excavated around the local area. On one of the floors it had a few artifacts without any protection. A set of three vases spanning 1100 to 700 BC were in the open. Although there were two stewards watching us like hawks.

For dinner I had a nice Mousaka with a homemade cheesecake for dessert.

I'd read on the internet that using Nafplio as a base to see the surrounding area was the way to see the Peloponnese, but I think my original plan would have been best in the end. Crawling across one city at a time. It would be frantic as you would constantly be looking for hotels.

But the buses only go short distances, requiring you to book connections at the destinations. And there is no system in Nafplio for booking multi-leg trips and no proper touring companies to guide you to and from the areas. Moving to different cities knowing you don't need to find you way back within the day, and jumping small distances anyway, would be the way to do it.

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